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Mar 6, 2012 9:00am EST
in the reeublican presiientiillprimary. rene marsh has more on whatts at stake in today's voting. 3 mitt romney has momentum going into super tuesddy.gosh a row with washington state, victories in arizona nd off miccigan one week ago, and in washington state saturday, romneyyis hoping to break away from his riials tonight.he's racked up endorsements from high profile conservatives, including house majority leader eric cantor, which could boost his connervative &pcredentials.mitt romney is really the only man in the racc wwo has a plan, bold pro-growth plan to create jobs and get this economy back on &ptrack.but rick santorum, whh hasn't had a win for nearly a month, believes e has a fighttng chance in one of tonight's most important contests -- ohio.i know all the esttblishment is, you know, ining behind the guy with the most monny buttwe havv sooe coorageous people here in ohio who've stood by us. romney and santorum are statistiiaaly ied in the be an important battleground -3 in november. tte south will also be a major test for romney tonight. newt gingricc his home state of georgia. bu
Mar 5, 2012 9:00am EST
super tu. tuesday.tomorrow is expected votiig in the republican of presidential primary yet. mitt romney leads in delegates heading into the nattonal convention and he's dettrrined to defend his front-runner santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul all try toorrmain in the racc. voters in sooe states may soon familiir voice..ormer first a lady barbaaa bush has recorded a robo call in support of mitt romney... that's being used in call... mrs. bush says thatt thh romneys for years... and beliive that mitt is the best man to leaa the country for thh next 4 years.she lso gives mention tt aan romney.... first lady. fox45 is your source for vote informmtion... go to our website... fox baltimore dot ccm... and click on the vote 2012 tab on the left of your screen.youull finn complete coverage... as theerace for the white house picks p. a 7th advertiser has pulled its ads rom rush limbaugg's radio show... after comments he made about a georgetown university law student. student.student. law made show... after limbaugh'ss radio from rush has puuled its ads a 7th advertiser a 7
Mar 20, 2012 9:00am EDT
miit romney is scheduled to & campaign in mmryland this week. p3 romney is scheduled to attend &pa town hall event at american robert ehrlichhii an arbutuu & pativve.. nd the chairman of romney's maryland campaign. -3& marrland's primary is scheduled for april third. earll voting begins saturday. 3 54 delegates are at stake the illiniois g-o-p primary.the latest poll by theeamerrcan esearcc group shows mitt romney with a double digit lead over rick santorum in the state.early vottng also shows rommey leading santorum 51--ercent to -3 36-percent. 3 the baltimore county school board is xpected to vote causing a battle between parents and park lovers. 3 the county school board held a public hearing monday ight over the fate of mmas chapel -3 park ii lutherville. the board a new eleeentary school as a sooution to overcrowding. but -3 many who live neer the park say the plan will only iicreese trafffc and cuu open space. 3 lynnnwarfield/park llver: - 22:50 oh, they need a school, & i agree theyyneee a school, theyy ust don't neee i
Mar 7, 2012 9:00am EST
going 47 miles an hour and over... it clocked them at 42 . 3 mitt romney carries six states .. including ohio... in super tuessay votiig. voting.((cheers for romney)) romney))rick santorum followed with three... and newt gingrich claimed victorr in georgia... which is the state that held the most delegates of the night.the highest ron paul finished was up .... the kansas caacuses on saturday.guam... the virgin islands and northern mariana island allo hold caucusessthat day. the f-d-a has issued a warning against the company that markets "aeroshots"... the so-called caffeine inhaler. inhaler.the company couud face regulatory action... over what the f-d-a calls "false and misleading" labeling. aeroshot's website cllims the powder inssde reaches your and ingested.the f-d-a says the labeling is misleading... because the product cannot be intended for both inhalation and ingestion. if you think video games are nothing but mindless entertainment... think again. frequunt gamiig can improve decision-making processes to youu ability to multitask. in addition... a study of nearly 5-hun
Mar 22, 2012 9:00am EDT
meaning this year. year. mitt romney paid a visit to the american leeion more than 350 people gattered there for a town hall meeting. romney took about 30 minutes to remind voters why he deeerves to be he never mmntioneddany of hissrival candidates... choossng instead, to stay focused on presidenttobama. (romney) "he said e'd cut taxes from middle income taxpayerr, that hasn't happened either. this mann s outtof ideas and he's out of excusessand in 2012, weere going to make sure we get him out of office (applausee" (applause)" maryland has 37 deleggtes up for grabs in this yeer's rimary. the primary will e eld april 3rd. p marylaad college student's pxchange with the preeident is viral.president obama waa affer an energy policy event with maryland governor martin o'mmlley last week whhn he had an impromptu sign language exchange witt stephon. steppon is a 26 year old prince george's commuuity college student... who is alsoo. deaf.during the exchange... stephon used american sign language tootell the president, "i ammprouddof you." obama pauses... and responds
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5